The Girls:
Little girl beanbag jump Beanbag play

  • LG resolves to play more games, and try to win more games.
  • MG resolves to keep her room neat
  • BG resolves to become organized
  • Rachel resolves to make new friends and strengthen existing friendships (including replying to emails & comments rather than looking at them guiltily in her inbox). Rachel resolves to get better, and keep a positive attitude. Rachel resolves to continue work on keeping her temper and patience in check, even when under enough stress to get an eye twitch…
  • Yuki resolves to continue as chief pest control officer and teach the dogs who’s the boss.
  • Harley resolves to accept Jack’s presence with more grace. She also resolves to continue filching every little piece of food that can possibly be found – even the “crumbs much to tiny for the other Who’s mouses”.

Our lap dog and us

From the Non-Girls:

  • B resolves not to resolve. insert eye-roll
  • Jack resolves to catch & chew up more balls, herd more kids & cats, and to convince everyone he’s a lap dog

Anyone else have resolutions?

Happy New Year from the Gaggle of Girls!

ps: the Harry Potter DVD I discussed yesterday was considered a Need. Along with new shoes (for $3.24!) and Clearanced Sock Monkey PJs.

pps:  If you’re resolving to win more prizes, check out the cool 8 days of prizes for the New Year from 5 Minutes for Mom!

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