Have you ever had one of those days where you think you never should have come out from under the covers?  Yeah, me too.  Today, in fact.  There was a snafu with receiving a gift certificate, so I woke up to find out that 2 minutes after I closed my laptop gmail received the GC.  Of course, Amazon hiked their prices waaaaay up overnight, and all my well-chosen presents in the cart went kablooie.  There are some things I will purchase for $5, but definitely not $32!  Ugh.

The day, sadly went downhill from there.  In computer terms, this is a cascade failure.  Or a cluster f***.  Whichever you prefer.  You can say “cascade failure” in front of kids, though.

Rachel’s tip for the day:  If you were in tears by 8 am, maybe you shouldn’t spend the day running 2 weeks worth of errands.  Just FYI.  We went to several different stores, and I managed to have computers crash at almost every store I visited.  In one it happened 3 times, and I wasn’t even touching it.

On days like this, I feel incredibly grateful for Good Friends who listen and offer helpful suggestions when I’ve started to go over the edge.

 Perfect things today:  The sunset over the frozen salt marsh – it made me think of how I imagine Alaska, a place I’ve always wanted to visit.  The sunset reflected in the sound near our house.  Pity I didn’t have the camera.

Money quote for the day is from LG:,”I finished my treat, but the girls hadn’t finished theirs, so they gave  some to me.   Charity is good.”   Lets remember that she is 4.

Right now I’m waiting for a callback from the doctors office.  For some reason they were having trouble processing a routine prescription refill.  How, exactly, do they expect me to call them back if they leave a message at 7:03 when they close the phones at 5:30?  I would have been home by then if the cascade failure hadn’t continued.  To make things even more fun, when I just got up to eat, the world spun, started to get dark, and I fell down.  I don’t think I’m going to walk much tonight.

Tomorrow is another day.  There’s plenty of room for improvement!  :)   Maybe I’ll be able to get the picture of the sunset.


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yur mum on 18 December, 2007 at 11:44 pm #

“Tomorrow is another day.”

“Please take care of yourself.”

[...] Sunset over the frozen tundra makes me happy [...]

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