I’ve had a string of bad days – or days with bad things in them (burning my hand on the fritatta pan on Christmas, etc), so I’ve come to worry “What will go wrong next?” in the morning.

The girls had not been behaving well (to put it mildly) yesterday, so I almost cancelled today’s outing.  I’m so glad I didn’t!  I wish that parenting was filled with more days like today, and fewer days like yesterday!

We went to the PEM, a fabulous local museum that’s been drastically improved since I was a kid. We met some friends, and we had a blast – first in the children’s section, and then going through the galleries.  It was great.  Sure, they got too excited a few times and we had to quiet them down, but they were excited about art – how can that be anything but good?!  As a bonus, the boys were pushing my girls to read the tags for the paintings.   They were all searching through the Native American exhibit for Cherokee and Comanche art, because that is part of their ancestry, but they didn’t find any.  It did make the Native American art seem more real, though.
We had a nice lunch together in the sunny atrium, though I made a tactical error letting the girls buy drinks there – it cost me $9 to get 3 drinks and 3 small bags of chips!  gah.   Then we went to see more art before the kids decided they were tired.  We left without any tantrums (even though we saw grandparents coming in as we were leaving!), and drove over to our friend’s house.

My friend offered to watch the kids while I went grocery shopping alone at the store near her house (!!!), so I took her up on it.  When I came back, the kids were happy, tired, and BG had received a hand-me-down GameBoy Color, which calmed down her over-enthusaism for the Nintendo DS.  We were even able to stop at a local game store and get 4 games for under $30. Very cool.

We had a couple little tantrums because MG is on a sleepover painting her dollhouse, and LG really wanted to go along.  Plus, I just missed hitting a deer (eep!).  But right now dinner is almost done, the 2 kids who are here are happy, and I don’t have to set an alarm for tomorrow!

These are the days that leave me tired and achy in a happy way.  May you all have many more days like these.  And may you remember to bring your cameras for them, too!  ;)

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