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I have a bunch of books in my “to review” stack right now.

As much as I love my current “fun” book (American Gods: A Novel), I want to get back to the review books – there are some really great ones coming up! I just got a copy of a book that isn’t even in book form yet!!! It’s still in the Kinkos-style binding. Swoon… I realize that being paid cash for book reviews is lovely, but being paid in books is lovely, too! ;)

I’m also listening to the audiobook for Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel, written and read by Vanna Bonta. What a fascinating concept!  It would take too long to explain, so this’ll have a lovely review posted later.  Audiobooks take longer for me to listen to than books take for me to read!

Apropos of nothing at all (though it’s harder to read, review, and concentrate when I’ve got a bad headache), I need these blinding headaches to stop, they’ve been happening for over a week now. Sharp shooting pain out of nowhere, and it stays for hours, despite my pain meds. Much worse when I’m moving. There are two major possibilities: 1) now that I’m not pregnant or lactating, I am getting migraines again; 2) Cutting down the Valium (muscle relaxers) is causing muscle spasms and pain in my neck, which is causing the headaches. Now to get the doctors to figure out which one it is… Feh, it’s not like I need any more doctor visits.


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