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Rachel’s tip for balancing illness and parenting:

  • If you have a fever & sore throat, don’t  throw a hissy fit and yell at your children.  Firstly, because they are probably not as annoying as your sick butt thinks they are.  Plus, if you yell with a sore throat, it will just hurt more and for longer.
  • Try to get sick over a weekend so your spouse can help out with parenting. If that doesn’t work, then just keep calling your spouse at work to whine.  Alternately, if your throat hurts, IM your spouse with your current temperature reading.
  • It’s good timing to receive 2 boxes of books from Amazon right before a weekend when you’re under doctor’s orders to put your feet up!

Another random tip or two:

  • Hitting refresh over and over doesn’t make an email you are awaiting come any faster.
  • It is good form to acknowledge when your dog alerts you to a car (or truck, or person, or seagull..) passes your house. It is poor form to sulk when the FedEx or UPS folks deliver a package to your neighbors but not to you.

Life’s just chugging along here.  The evil migraine/headaches are starting to ease up, so there should be more book reviews posted in the next few days.  There’s, um, a bit of a book backlog.


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