Filed Under (pictures, random) by Rachel on 16-02-2008
A glimpse of the Mommy-bot

There’s a new Mommy in town. I managed to catch a quick glimpse and capture this rare photograph.

She has been spotted in several different long coats, and has the dark hair and eyes of the Original Mommy of this house.

Unlike the Original Mommy, the Mommy-Bot is rumored to say “yes” to any request, even if it is for chocolate at 7am. The Mommy-Bot is also fond of finding treats on top of the fridge, or in other high places, and giving them to the children rather than saving them for herself.

The Mommy-Bot appears to have a limited time available for each visit, but she always brings good humor. After her appearances, I frequently find giggling children, occasionally with bumped heads.

I am torn between being overjoyed that the Mommy-Bot leaves the girls giggling, and being annoyed that I need to find a new snack hiding place… Whatever should I do?

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