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For the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas Recipe Rally – Easy Lunches

What do you eat for lunch when you’re avoiding most of the top 8 allergens? (For newcomers, our family has Celiac disease (which means no wheat, rye, oats, barley), plus we have a dairy intolerance and severe berry allergy. We spend a lot of time around kids with other allergies, so we are very careful about food allergies.)

Our quickest lunches are sliced meat or a hot dog rolled in a corn tortilla (microwave the tortillas for a few seconds to make them soft). This is a frequent staple, so we buy the better quality (fewer additives) hot dogs and ham. We love to make peanut butter & jelly (or pb & fluff) sandwiches on corn tortillas when we aren’t around friends with nut allergies.

My favorite lunches involve shrimp or crab, when we aren’t around kids with shellfish allergies. I love adding good-quality crab meat to the chick pea and avacado salad or make the Crab and Avacado pasta salad. My darling daughters prefer sandwiches, though. The girls want their shrimp and crab in sushi, their absolute favorite easy (and expensive) lunch!

On weekends, we make brunch, and one of our staples is Faux Frittadas, a combination of meat, potato, vegetables, and eggs. It’s versatile, easy, and yummy even for folks (like me) who dislike eggs. It’s a lot like a quiche without a crust. Yum!

Another eggy quick lunch is Pasta Carbonara, which we have transformed into a dairy-free, allergy-friendly meal. This makes a great brunch, too. Just serve a fruit salad next to it (no berries!), and you’re all set.
The older girls will also make eggs for lunch – fried, scrambled, or “cheese” eggs, which they make with the Tofutti soy cheese.

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