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Growing up too fast

BG is thrilled I got an iPod Nano. Mostly because then she can swipe it and enjoy her own music without her sisters singing along. Of course, because she’s been warped influenced by me, she’s currently enjoying The Monkees. ;)

Meanwhile, in my world… My list of last night…

  • Caught 4:47 train to Boston/Cambridge
  • Read great book on train (The Girl Who Stopped Swimming, review posted soon)
  • Legs and knees ache moving from train to subway
  • Listened to This American Life on iPod on subway
  • Using wonderful modern technology, found Great Friend Sue (of Graceful Kate) in Cambridge
  • Found Great Sushi, but it had a long wait. Chose to go to bookstore instead.
  • Saw Felicia at Harvard Book Store. Awesome reading – go see her in person if you can, and buy her book, The Sky Isn’t Visible from Here, too!
  • Made squealy fangirl noises, got a nice hug from Felicia, and got my book signed. Yay! Only bought books for girls at the bookstore, too.
  • Sue and I found some great Vietnamese food, and enjoyed chatting in a restaurant with no clocks
  • Found out I had missed the 9:30 train home, so Great Friend Sue drove me to the train station, thus avoiding more Nasty Stairs that make my knees and hips ache (fibro/lyme + up late + fall through ceiling = achey)
  • I read my lovely book (The Girl Who Stopped Swimming) in the train station, which is infinitely more quiet than my house, then get on late train. Book is good enough that I’m happy to have the time to read, rather than upset at being stuck there.
  • Change trains at a weird station, which requires sitting in the cold for 15 minutes. Feet toasty in new boots, rest of my body, not so much.
  • Home at 12 midnight. Exhausted.
  • LG can’t fall back to sleep. No sleep until 1:30am, and tossing and turning after that.

Which brings us to today. We went to our coop, I creaked getting up and down from kneeling, and the girls have a wonderful, polite friend over. Tomorrow is a doctor visit check-up, LG’s Dora Playdate Party with 3 other 4yos, and me grocery shopping. Yippeeeee!

I had so much fun last night, but it might have been too much for me, I feel fried! I think I want a nap…


Felicia Sullivan on 5 March, 2008 at 6:17 am #

Great meeting you as well, Rachel! Thanks for coming out!!!!
xoxox, f.

Believer in Balance on 5 March, 2008 at 9:12 am #

Sounds like a great way to spend an evening, except for that waiting in the cold part!

Ms. Pope on 5 March, 2008 at 3:19 pm #

What do you think of the recent memoirs that were found to be fabricated? One (can’t remember the author) was about her life as a Jew in the Holocaust, the other by Margaret Seltzer aka Margaret B. Jones about her life as a white girl in a gang culture in L.A. And let’s not forget James Frey. I am totally fascinated by what makes a person think they can get away with this type of thing, and why they don’t just call it fiction instead of a memoir. And the cynical part of me can’t pick up a memoir and wonder if the author is telling the truth or not.

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