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A friend of mine’s son has been sick for the past two weeks. We live close enough that we see them all the time in the summer, but far enough away that we don’t see them very often in the winter when school’s in session. We had planned to see them twice over the past two weeks, but both of them fell through because of his illness, and us being extra cautious about me (sick-bay girl personified) possibly catching anything.

After two weeks, I’ve become very twitchy. I don’t want to call every two minutes to find out how he is, but otoh, I’m thinking of them constantly. I want to do something to help, but what can I do to help other than listen to my friend and offer a few ideas?

Well, tomorrow he has a dr appointment in the morning with a specialist. We don’t know if it will be a quick visit or a long one, and since the specialist is right at the children’s hospital, it’s best to be prepared. So, finally I can be useful! I can drive there after lunch, bring their family a dinner, and be there when her daughter (MG’s age) gets home from school. Just in case my friend isn’t home earlier, I can stay until their neighbor comes home from work and invites the daughter over for dinner.

I’m still so worried, but the twitchiness is lessened. At least now i can be useful. Me worried doesn’t help much, but me supervising a playdate and bringing dinner & wine is helpful. I do better being helpful.

If you do vibes or prayers, crossed fingers or good thoughts, please send some for our friend. At this point, just knowing what is going on will be a huge relief, but knowing how to help him would be wonderful.

Oddly enough, Ra’s vet appointment is for the same time as our friend’s specialist appointment. i have a feeling that there’s nothing else similar about the two appointments though. Maybe we can laugh about it later, as we did when I was a teen and our dog had his neutering appointment the same day as my brother had a haircut appointment, and we joked over and over about having one of them accidentally snipped in the wrong place…


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tori on 4 April, 2008 at 7:10 am #

I agree. Helpful and worried is much better than just worried! You are a good friend to do this for them! I bet they will appreciate it quite a bit!

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