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After a Tuesday that should be struck from all record books, our week is now improving! Tuesday included Jack’s vet visit and the 1 year anniversary of the birth & death of our friend’s baby. I’m happy we got through it reasonably sane.

Got it!

The good news is that Jack has a bad UTI, but nothing that needs surgery. That doesn’t mean that he didn’t have a giant vet bill, though. Ugh. He’s on antibiotics, and he’ll make a full recovery. In fact, he’s catching balls, barking at strangers, and following me around everywhere already. Me with my red & blue shadows.

Yesterday we went to the beach! We forgot buckets and the camera was left at home, but we had fun. We brought one of the girls’ friends, and Jack & Ra. (Harley is too old for the walk back up the hill). We came home sandy, tired, and I came home sunburned.

Sliding down

Today is another pretty day, and there’s been a lot of park time already. Now we’ll have to deal with whatever comes next! There are a bunch of new pictures over at flickr for your viewing pleasure. It’s so much fun to take pictures of kiddos at the park! It makes me so glad I’m using a digital camera, though – there’s a definite trick to taking swinging pictures!

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