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We all remember when I accidentally set my grandmother’s oven on fire this summer, right? I had completely forgotten she stores cookies & crackers in it, and had simply started preheating it. I check every oven before preheating now, though!

Well, anyhow… I’m still getting used to cooking in my mom’s kitchen. There are some differences in how we organize things, and in which products we buy. I was never a big fan of canola oil spray, but she has it, so I use it. It works well, too. I wonder why I was opposed to it? Well, that isn’t the point.

Today was a high-pain day, and I was making dinner in a bit of a rush. I had started the chicken cooking in the oven, and was prepping two more 9×13 pans with potatoes and vegetables. When I sprayed the oil on the pans to prep them, it pooled up, and wasn’t smelling right. I was about to add the potatoes into the pan when I noticed what I had used to spray the pans.

It wasn’t canola oil.

It was Resolve Carpet Cleaning spray.

Both are red bottles. One is great with food. The other, not so much. eeek!

I washed the pans about 5 times before I trusted them with food. I’d have preferred not to use hem, but we only have 4 pans that size, and I already had one in the oven.

So, please people out there – don’t put carpet cleaning spray near the food!


Tiffany on 25 February, 2009 at 9:40 pm #

I am SO glad you figured out your mistake before you put in the potatoes. Gaaaah!

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