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Last Sunday (3/22) was my birthday. We had a fun weekend! And yes, it’s now almost Friday, and I’m finally posting. Well, um, it was busy, and we have kept ourselves busy.

Thursday and Friday we had our friends B&Z over for trips to the Y and a couple of sleepovers. They are sweet, high-energy boys, and we had a blast. The house is still standing, too!

Saturday we had planned to take a trip to CT, but the girls ended up having a visit with their dad & roller skating. Then we made cupcakes for the birthday party on Sunday, and finally got some sleep.

To the top!

Sunday was my birthday, and I was glad to have the girls all day, even if it was a busy day! First, we had Church, where I did a reading (!!!). Then left early so we could go to Z’s birthday party at the YMCA rock wall (yes, my girls were greeted as regulars. that’s good, right?).

Visiting friendsRa and R and A

After Z’s party we packed up the van and went to CT. We did a little visit with my Nana, then went over to stay with K and P&P. Always fun, since we can visit with their pups, kitties, birds, and guinea pigs. And our Ra-puppy! I miss him so much when we’re apart. We also miss our dear friends in CT too. It’s wonderful to spend time with them, and they are lovely to let us stay overnight. I’m hoping that Nana’s health improves, though, so we can visit some of our other friends, too! (Visit = foist ourselves upon)

Pretty cakelets!

To make it even more fun, they made me special cakelets. K&P made such beautiful butterflies! They also made a delicious sweet & sour chicken that included pieces of tempura chicken made with rice flour. mmmmm…. They also know about my current obsession/totem animal, and managed to give me a gorgeous phoenix kite! Anyone want to help me fly it? It’s got a 6 1/2 foot wingspan, and I’m feeling intimidated. (Anyone who wants to give me phoenix objects is welcome to feed my obsession. They are hard to find, though. Dragons were much easier.)

Pizzaria Pizza!

We spent Monday morning with K&P&P and our puppy, then went over to visit Nana for a few hours. Nana was doing OK, but not great. It’s so hard to see her struggling with so many physical challenges at once. She wasn’t up for pictures, so instead I took one of the girls eating their first pizzaria pizza in 6 years! Illiano’s Pizza sells gf pizza with crusts made by Still Riding Pizza. They were happy to make it without cheese, too. Great people, and a wonderful crust & sauce! (fyi – the crust does contain egg, but is free of other major allergens)

This weekend is looking a bit quieter – just an overnight Friday with B&Z, a birthday party for their cousin on Saturday, visitation with Dad on Saturday, grandparents come home late Saturday night, Church Sunday morning, and then recuperating and relaxing Sunday afternoon.

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