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Go towards the light...

Life has been busy here lately, and the girls keep growing. Lots to celebrate, lots to remember.

In May, BG turned 11, with much fanfare, and a trip to CoCo Key indoor water park. The rest of us tried to contain our jealousy with a trip to the local YMCA’s pool. She also got a visit from her t-shirt design hero JadenKale – though I enjoyed her visit at least as much as BG did!

Memorial Day weekend - 8 cousins

For Memorial Day, there was a big cookout with a bunch of cousins at my father and stepmother’s home, and it was so much fun! 2 grandparents, 8 grandkids, and 4 adults who act like kids made it so much fun to be the photographer! Grampy and Mimi live right next to beach, so there was a lot of running, shouting, treasure burying, castle building, and football when we took over their beach. Many great memories made that day.

This past week MG turned 9, also with much fanfare. We saw MG off on a trip to the Big Apple on Friday, where she and her Nani & Vovo visited with her uncle and his girlfriend. She enjoyed rides on a carousel, a ferris wheel, the Staten Island ferry, and several rides in an amusement park in Central Park. She also had some wonderful meals, a great trip to the American Museum of Natural History where she loved the life-size blue whale, and just a lot of fun in general.

Nana, Bob, and marshmallows

However, on their way home their anticipated visit with Nana M (my maternal grandmother) took a different turn. Nana M is now living in the same assisted living place as Nana R (my paternal grandmother), and her husband was in a rehab facility. Grandpa Bob took a turn for the worse, and was moved to the hospital, then to the hospice wing of the hospital. MG had a short visit with Nana M, then a longer visit with Nana R while Nani and Vovo took Nana M to visit Grandpa Bob for a bit. They were able to visit for over an hour, and he was lucid during some of the time, too. They had been married for over 20 years, and had been living in their own home until a few months ago, so living in different places was very difficult for both of them.

Thank goodness that Nana M was able to visit with him Sunday evening, as early Monday morning, Grandpa Bob died. He was 94 1/2 years old, and a wonderful, gentle man who was always so genuinely pleased to see us, always with a firm handshake and a kiss on the cheek for the ladies. While in the past year he had become forgetful, he had otherwise been doing very well and had been successfully managing his health issues. Nana always made sure meals were on time and healthy so they could best manage his diabetes, and until earlier this year he had been driving them to doctor visits and the grocery store, where he sat in a chair while Nana shopped.

We have many fond memories of Grandpa Bob, and he’ll get his very own post on the day of the funeral (Thursday). The girls are sad, and disappointed – they had wanted to celebrate his 100th birthday with him. However, our Church is giving us comfort that we will see him again, and as much as we miss him, we are comforted knowing that he is now in a place where he isn’t in any pain and his mind is clear. We love you and miss you, Grandpa Bob.

June will continue with celebrations of the girls’ father’s birthday, father’s day, and the beginning of summer. Life continues with more memories to be made.

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