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We’ve been lucky enough to have some actually sunny days lately, it feels so magical! It also makes me think about what summer means to me. Summers as a child were filled with so many wonderful memories, and I want to help my girls also have wonderful memories. While I can’t take them to Cape Cod every summer, I can recreate some of my favorite things, and help them find favorites, too.

A little summer treat

Gazpacho is the perfect summer food, it’s fresh and delicious, and will never heat up the kitchen! As a bonus, it can include cilantro and avocado, two of summer’s best foods.

Waiting for the squirrel

Summer is for deciding one day you are going to do something (like catch a squirrel), and then devote several days to accomplishing that thing. My older girls spent 2 days trying to catch a squirrel. That time included researching squirrels, figuring out the best way to build a trap, determining the best bait, and sitting quietly waiting for a squirrel.

Lobster Roll Girlies

Eating lobster rolls out on the deck. Lobster rolls are an integral part of summer for me, and while it’s wonderful, it hasn’t been quite the same with lobster salad. So the most recent time I bought lobster salad, I put it on top of toasted gluten-free, dairy-free english muffins from Trader Joe’s. Yum! It worked beautifully. And yes, lobster rolls (like lobster itself) should be eaten outside whenever possible.

It was worth the wait

Part of summer is the local Arts Festival. Some of that means looking at amazing sculpture, crafts, “mixed media”, photography, painting, etc. But some of it means the Street Festival, which includes waiting in long lines for balloon animals. I have to say that this time it was worth it – this guy was great! Check out LG’s “hot dog dog” that even has a “hot dog” part on top of the blue wiener dog!

Festival Face Paint

What’s a summer festival without face paint? Of course BG got a butterfly across her face (her theme lately has been butterflies), MG got a little rainbow on her cheek, and LG got a puppy dog face, which ended up looking a lot like freckles. The great thing about the Arts Festival’s Street Festival is that all this stuff was free! So not only did we have a ton of fun and get a bunch of exercise wandering around town for a few hours, but we also did it all without spending a penny!

Dragon girls

Summer is also for being silly. Which means that it’s ok to be the Mama Dragon, and be running around in a people-as-puppets play in the middle of the street! In the summer you can’t take yourself too seriously – it’s vital to get your wiggles out and get your sillies out too.

I don’t have pictures of the Fireworks or the amazing lobster on the boat picnic before fireworks, but I count those as must-have summer events too. Along with beach days. And if the weather would just cooperate, we could have some more beach days to make even more summer memories!


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