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It feels like only yesterday I had this tiny newborn in my arms. And now I have 3 kids, and none of them are newborns. In fact, now all 3 are riding bikes. Admittedly, LG still has training wheels, but I doubt she’ll have them at the end of the summer.

Riding with a smile

Now that it’s not raining constantly, we’re able to do more things outside, In addition to our many walks, the girls love to bike ride. I can sit in the shade at the park while they ride circles around on the pavement. LG’s training wheels sometimes get stuck in the sand, but she’s learning how to move the bike so she’s unstuck. It’s astounding how far she’s come now that her bike is ready and she has somewhere flat to ride! She’s still the slowest rider of the three of them, though, so it’s much easier to capture face pictures of her. She’s very determined, and has progressed from watching her pedals to watching where she’s going, which cuts down on the number of poles she hits!

Taking Ellie for a ride

MG is steady and sturdy on her bike, and has decided that she doesn’t want to bike alone. So she bribed coerced convinced LG to let her use the basket so she could bring her favorite “child” (Ellie the Littlest Pet Shop bear) with her on her bike rides. She’s so cute getting Ellie all secure in the basket, but she switches to being ruthless and cuts everyone off as she rides! Watch out park-goers!

Zoom Zoom Zoom 2

After zoom zoom zooming around the park for a little bit, BG wanted a new challenge. She could only go so fast within the park boundaries. So her Nani went for a ride with MG and BG to a nearby pond and back, and now BG and MG are confident in how to get there and back, so they can take off on a ride anytime I say OK. They are loving the freedom on their bikes – they were able to go all around our peninsula last summer, and it’s time for the girls to enjoy (safe) independence again!

A quick break

Of course, everyone needs a break for drinks and snacks. That’s why Mama always brings a bag with water, some bags of dried fruit and nuts from Trader Joe’s, rice cakes, and chips if they’re really lucky. Having snacks is a great way of making sure the girls remember to check in with me – they always come by for food!

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