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I’ve been hanging out with the designers from shirt.woot for the past few months. It’s been fun to see how tshirts are created, how the community works, and how designers improve their skills over time. They have also helped me to laugh, smile, and just be goofy while I was stressed about my grandmother’s health, family issues, my own health, the book, etc etc etc. They’re Good People, and I’m thrilled to see their designs being printed at other places, like Tee Fury and Designs By Humans. Most of these friends are also more than happy to test out my recipes for The Book, too (assuming they can cook). It’s great to also get opinions about the taste of the recipes from folks who don’t have to cook “special” foods.

Pants-off dance-off! - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

If you’ve ever bought anything at Threadless, I have another favor for you. If you haven’t before – go pick up one of their shirts that are on sale for $9 or $12 until Monday If you don’t want to buy a shirt, you can still go there and register (but then I don’t get any “points” for referring you), and then vote for my friend Sharp. I was brainstorming with her when she came up with this design months ago, and I’m thrilled to see how it has evolved into this design! It’s now up for voting at Threadless – just click on the “I’d buy it as a T” and then “5″ :)
PS – while you’re at Threadless, check out the awesome vampire shirt that glows in the dark AND reacts to sunlight!

Every week there is a Derby at shirt.woot, where people vote for their favorite designs. Voting starts midday Friday, and ends midday Thursday. The top 3 vote-getters are printed Fri, Sat, Sun. Right now there are a few great designs by some of these wonderful friends, so please check them out! Clicking on the design thumbnail will take you to the full design, where you can vote if you have bought anything from any of the sites. If you haven’t bought anything, may I suggest BG’s favorite, Oh Burned!!! by JadenKale, which she recently modeled at the beach.

This week’s theme is “At the Luau”, so if you’re interested in any Hawaiian themed shirts, this is a good time to vote for a few you’d like a chance to buy! (You can vote for as many or as few designs as you would like) Some of our faves this week, in alphabetical order by designer’s name:

A couple other fun designs are the always-unique- Edgar’s (Title eaten by giant fruit.); Tgentry’s Tiki Beast from 50 Fathoms and Luau Beast from 90 Fathoms; rglee’s How Baby Islands are Made and Maiself-tai; and SkekTek’s Let’s All Go To The Luau!!!. Happy voting!

Hope everyone has a great (if rainy on the East coast) weekend!

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