From this:
The house the girls built

To This:
Munch, munch, munch

took about a minute. I think the girls enjoyed smashing the gingerbread house as much as they enjoyed making it! Eating it on (or near) New Year’s Day helps the gluten-free gingerbread still taste delicious.

I’m so glad we finally made the gingerbread house this year! The girls had so much fun making it! It was a wonderful team effort – I made the dough, their grandmother made the template and the frosting glue, the girls decorated, and I took a bunch of pictures.

I highly recommend trying this project. It took time and effort, but it looked and tasted great. I wouldn’t suggest using canned frosting and graham crackers, though – it’s worth the extra time to bake this from scratch!

And now off to try to avoid eating little bits of gingerbread house while I am on a low-carb diet…

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