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So, I’ve started listening to more music, having friends suggest songs that I might like. Having a working iPod is probably a part of listening to more music, as is having headphones that don’t hurt my head.

If you’ve ever dealt with Lyme or even if you just like songs about getting to know someone, check out these lyrics to a song called Ticks, and then you can blame someone who isn’t me when you find yourself downloading country music.

I’ve had to borrow neighbors’ wifi a few times, and have searched for free wifi (the city of Worcester, MA has free wifi for some cool reason, if you’re ever there for a bus layover), you’ll have noticed how incredibly dull most network names are. If you’re looking to rename your wifi, check out these suggested names.

I’m trying to see more movies, and a friend recommended old movies. TNT had sent me some information on old family-friendly movies they are running on Sunday evenings, so I’m checking those out with the kids. But the ones I really want to see are the pre-Code movies, movies before the rating system was created.

Am I the last person to discover meebo? it’s great having all of my chat programs in one place. makes it easier to keep chat windows open, too. I have to watch out and not send things to the wrong people, though…. if you want to reach me I’m mia3mom on google talk & yahoo, imacmomR on aim. I seem to have gotten past my instant-messaging phobias

In other news, there are a couple new recipes floating around, and expect some more this week as I test a new recipe or two. Couple new reviews coming, too. yay!

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