Today dawned sunny and warm. These last few days of sunny, summery weather help my mood so much!

Yesterday was an amazing day. My book contract arrived, and I signed it, and it was mailed off to the specialist I’m working with. He signs it, sends it to the publisher, and then we get $!
Rachel is Under Contract

Then we went to the beach with a friend and 2/3 of the dogs (dogs are allowed at the beach after Labor Day). Jack hung out at home while Harley and Ra came along for the ride. I took a few pics you can look at them here. We had a wonderful time, and really enjoyed the beautiful day.

If you’ve visited here over the past few years, you know that I’ve been living with Chronic Lyme disease and chronic pain, as well as a few other diagnosis. Yesterday was the first day i walked up the hill from the beach without collapsing or needing the inhaler. It was a Good Day!

Swimming with Harley

After the beach I tested a few recipes – mmmm, donuts!

I ended the day exhausted, but happy. May we have many, many more days like that!

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