Filed Under (day to day, family, good things, random) by Rachel on 18-03-2009

There are so many little things that bring great joy, amazement, sorrow, and wonder. As we have been going through so many trials and tribulations lately, I’ve tried to appreciate the little things.

  • Little purpley-blue flowers pop through the dry leaves in the early spring

  • Giving flowers to someone in the hospital or nursing home really brightens the room up. But bringing the first flowers of spring from their garden brightens up the person
  • 1,250,000 ng = 1.25 mg = 50,000 iu
  • There is no greater joy than to see someone awake and alert when you didn’t expect to see them alive again
  • You can become vitamin D deficient even when taking 1,000 iu/day supplement
  • Watching your kids read the funny pages in the paper brings you back to the time you did that as a kid
  • Living with your kids’ grandparents means that there are 3 people to share bedtime stories
  • Sometimes prayers work for little things, like traffic jams, not just for big things, like helping someone be comforted and stay strong
  • Even the feistiest person looks weak when they are in the hospital with tubes
  • No one wants to be inside when you can see the buds on the forsythia
  • Adding 1 or 2 kids to the 3 you have ends up being less work (but more food!)
  • It’s not healthy to subsist on soda and snacks, but one or two days of it due to a family emergency won’t kill anyone.
  • Trader Joe’s has delicious crunchy dried green beans and freeze dried mango. Healthy snacks!
  • Sometimes you remember great things just after you need them. Like there’s pizza place with gluten-free pizza available in the town where my grandmothers live
  • Brownies and chocolates heal.
  • When you toss many things into a pot and it turns out delicious, make sure you write down what you did!
  • Sometimes you get blessed with friends who go above and beyond the call of duty. And sometimes that is balanced with family who don’t want to help.
  • Prayer and meditation can help calm adults and children under stress
  • If you want to get kids’ attention, science projects with fire are awesome!
  • Paying it forward or karma is good. If one person watches your kids for a couple days, watching other friends’ kids (for 4 days) is a good thing.
  • Quiet schedules can become very busy unexpectedly!
  • Life is good

What little things have you been noticing?

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