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I tell “Uncle A…” stories. These are all stories of things my younger brother has done (fallen over a waterfall, jumped off a train, shot a bb gun…), all things which the girls can learn from his mistakes rather than making he mistakes themselves.

A good lesson! Well, unfortunately I hadn’t told a particular story in a while…

When I was around 9 and my brother around 5, he ran one of his little motorized cars over my head. As background, we had been making different obstacle courses for the Rough Rider 4×4, and the next logical step was, of course, to run it over my head.

At that time I had very long hair, probably down to the middle of my back. What my brother and I didn’t think about was what the result would be of combining long hair and battery-operated wheels.

It was a Bad Thing. The wheels pulled my hair into the axle. because the on/off switch was on the bottom of the truck, once it spun against my head we couldn’t turn it off. I remember that pain vividly. My mom ended up having to cut it out of my hair.

Yesterday, my A child (LG) put her sister’s motorized hamster against her head so it would climb over her. It was like repeating history, I had to cut the hamster out of her hair. Thankfully the hamster only had 2 wheels, not 4, and that she has shorter hair than I did! It was good to have less hair snipped from her head.

Let this be a lesson for you:
Don’t let children whose name begins with the letter A play with motorized toys with wheels!
(or, don’t play with battery-powered wheeled toys near hair)

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