Fall 2007 Reading List Part 2

After the sob! server crash, I cataloged the last bit of Fall, 2007 reading. I was able to recover my Winter 2006-7 reading list, and have started my Winter Reading List 2007-8 if you need other book suggestions! Don’t forget to check out the Book Reviews, too.


  1. How to Sleep with a Movie Star, by Kristin Harmel, is a great novel about journalism, celebrities, romance, and jealousy. I first found Kristen’s work when I read her fabulous essay in Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume, but her name was misspelled as “Kristin Karmel”, which made it difficult to find her! I finally found her website, and read The Blonde Theory earlier this year and loved it. I couldn’t wait to read more, but the library didn’t have How to Sleep with a Movie Star, so I had to wait for the opportunity to buy it.Read the rest of the review…
  2. Dangerous Admissions: Secrets of a Closet Sleuth, is the debut novel by Jane O’Connor, after writing great children’s books. The world of the exclusive prep school in New York City is decidedly fancy, as well as potentially lethal. I grew up in a small wealthy town, and have seen the world of “I’ll do anything to get into xxx college” – it’s a world that is prime material for a murder mystery! Read the rest of the review …
  3. Channeling Mark Twain, by Carol Muske-Dukes. The idea behind Channeling Mark Twain fascinated me – the story of a young woman, fresh out of graduate school in the 1970s, trying to help the female inmates of Riker’s Island off Manhattan. She first starts bringing money collected for bail, then works in the After-Care (trying to help released prisoners get jobs), and she starts to teach a Poetry class. This is a somewhat autobiographical novel about life in the 70s, pimps, prisoners, and corrections officers. Read the rest of the review…
  4. I was fortunate enough to receive a preview copy of Gods Behaving Badly, the debut novel by Marie Phillips. The story re-introduces us to the Greek pantheon, who are all living in a London townhouse that has become filthy and incredibly run down. Their powers are waning, but Apollo’s still randy, Artemis still has a chip on her shoulder, Athena’s still wise, Ares is still plotting wars, Aphrodite is using her sexual wiles – but now as a phone sex operator, and Eros has become a Christian. Zeus has gone mad, and needed to be locked up and supervised by Hera. Read the rest of the review
  5. The Daring Book for Girls by Andrea J. Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz was accepted for review with some trepidation. I had loved the content of The Dangerous Book for Boys, but really disliked the title, as I didn’t think it should have been published as a boys-only book. I was curious to see how this new book would deal with “boy” and “girl” things, and if it would be published as a companion or supplement to The Dangerous Book for Boys, or if it would stand on its own merits. After reading and kid-testing The Daring Book for Girls, I can say that this book stands up for itself. Read the rest of the review…
  6. The Ruby Kingdom – Passage to Mythrin, by Patricia Bow. Received from the publisher for review This is a beautiful Fantasy Young Adult/Tween novel from Dundurn Press in Canada. Three teenagers – one girl, her cousin, and his friend are all sucked into an inter-universe game of politics which brings a lot of excitement to their sleepy town. Review here.
  7. Holy Smokes, by Katie MacAlister. Book four of Aisling Grey, Guardian series. I have never read a book that has quite as many wedding postponements and interruptions! I love Aisling, and ooooh, her mate Drake… Katie MacAlister knows how to write great books! If you haven’t read everything she’s written yet, you should start now.
  8. Lord of the Night (Night Slayer, Book 4), by Robin T. Popp. Received from the publisher for review. A beautiful romance with a good vampire and a vampire slayer – one who was even trained by the vampire. Twists and turns in ways that I wasn’t expecting, and I’m looking forward to reading the first books in the series! Read the review
  9. Service Included: Four-Star Secrets of an Eavesdropping Waiter, by Phoebe Damrosch. Received from the publisher for review I received this a while ago for review from Harper Collins, and it got stuck under a pile. This is my kind of non-fiction: it’s got food, a love story, and snarkiness, what more could you want? Read the review
  10. Laird of the Mist by Paula Quinn. I’m going to need to read the first 3 novels in the series, but I received this for review, and I couldn’t want to wait to read it. Theres something lovely about snuggling in on a cold day with a good romance…Read the review
  11. Sex and the Psychic Witch (The Triplet Witch Trilogy, Book 1) by Annette Blair. This follows the other 3 great Salem witch books by Annette Blair, a great mix of local culture, fun characters, magic, and romance! Her earlier books are in this collection of supernatural series
  12. True to the Game by Teri Woods. received from the publisher for review – Crime and Romance, what a combination! This is an urban-lit classic, republished before the publisher released the sequels. A sneak peek into the underbelly of Philly. Read the review
  13. True to the Game II by Teri Woods. received from the publisher for review – More crime and Romance, what a combination! The sequel to True to the Game, for which people have waited 13 years. An engrossing world of crime and love. Read the review
  14. The Third Eye, by Mahtab Narsimhan. A fascinating mixture of Indian culture and Hindu mythology. It grabs you from the first few pages, as you fall into a magical, mystical world and an Indian villiage. Received from the publisher for review Read the review
  15. 1/08 release- Beginner’s Greek: A Novel, by James Collins. A beautiful old-world-style romance with honorable people (and bad ones who get what’s coming to them!) and many twists of fate. Good shall triumph! Read the review.
  16. Body Surfing by Anita Shreve. a story set within an hour of here, on the coast of New Hampshire. I’m mildly irritated that the mother in the story considers my alma mater a safety school. Hmmph. Otherwise it’s pulling me in quickly – rather like the undertow. Review here.
  17. Angel with Attitude, by Michelle Rowen. Loved her other vampire books! This is about a fallen angel and her relationship with the Tempter Demon assigned to bring her to Hell. Very cool and fun. Great quote “This is like Scooby Doo, only scary and evil”.
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