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Snowy Day Readings

I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I think it’s beautiful, but I hate driving in it. I love cuddling up and reading under blankets, but I hate shoveling/scraping cars. So lets focus on some great books to read with kids on a snowy day!

The Mitten by Jan Brett is a classic snowy winter story. It is so sweet to see the homemade mitten float off in the wind and away from the child. Every kid I’ve been with has loved watching the mitten expand as each little animal crawls in to get warm. It’s a sturdy, sweet board book that still holds the interest of older kids, as well as its intended audience of toddlers/preschoolers. Other Jan Brett books like The Hat are also wonderful on a snowy day or any day!

Another book about mittens we found recently is Missing Mittens, by Stuart J. Murphy, illustrated by G. Brian Karas. This is a MathStart book, so it is a story that also discusses math concepts. Missing Mittens focuses on odd and even with a farmer who can only find one mitten (rather than the 2 he should have) when he goes out in the snow. Then he goes to the cow, and finds that she only has 3 mittens (not the 4 she should have). The story continues with the farmer finding that each group of animals is missing one mitten, so they each have an odd number of mittens. They look through the snow for the Missing mittens, and find them all chewed up by a goat! They rescue what is left of the mittens, and all go into the nice warm house by the fireplace so they will be all set until the next storm. Or will they? What is the goat chewing on in the last panel? This cute book was a hit with all 3 kids – the story is sweet, and we have a family of math-obsessed children!

Dinos in the Snow! is a cute dinosaur book by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Laura Rader. This is a sweet, short rhyming book with dinosaurs who are out playing in the snow all covered in hats and coats and mittens! My kids (who aren’t big on dinosaurs) were interested in this book because it is cheerful and fun, and while the dinosaur names are all there, it isn’t a “lets learn about dinosaurs” book. The rhyming verse is a lot of fun:

Stegosaurus skates superbly.
Watch her glide with grace.
The crowd lets out a mighty cheer.
She’s sure to win first place!

Dinos in the snow.
There they go!
Woo Hoo!

It’s an incredibly sweet story that has engaging verse and fun pictures with dinosaurs and people mixed together. If you have a child who is emphatic about dinosaur reality, this isn’t the book for them. However, if you have children who like snowy scenes and fun, bright characters, this book is a hit!

We ended our snowy night reading with a book I remember my mother reading to me – The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. This is a classic book, a Caldecott Medal winner. If you haven’t read the story, a young African American boy named Peter goes for a walk in the fresh snow that had fallen the night before. He makes different footprints, makes snow fall from trees, watches a Big Kid snowball fight, makes a snowman, and makes snow angels. He tries to bring some snow inside, but finds that it melted in his pocket in his warm house. When he wakes up the next morning, he worries the snow is gone, but more is falling! Peter goes off to explore the snow again with his friend. This is another sweet, heartwarming story. The illustrations are simple, but intricate – you really need to see them, because they simply lovely. I adore this book, and so did my children and many other children to whom I’ve read The Snowy Day.

We love all the books by Ezra Jack Keats, and recommend them to everyone – they are sweet stories with beautiful illustrations., and they give my children (who are being raised in a very homogeneous suburb) a peek into life in a city.

We love cuddling up with books on a snowy day – and it’s fun to read snowy day books in the snow!

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