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Cute Kitty Kid Books

I try to have themes for our bedtime books reading, so one night recently was cat night. We reread The Cat Who Walked Across France, which I reviewed here. The other two books were Metro Cat and Rufus at Work. All three cat books were sweet and enjoyed by all.

Metro Cat is a Golden Book by Marsha Diane Arnold, illustrated by Jack E. Davis. The basic storyline is that Sophie, “the fanciest cat in Paris”, is being taken to a photo shoot when her cage falls from the car into the Paris Metro (subway). Sophie begins to enjoy living in the Metro, with all the sounds and excitement. One day she goes above ground and is enthralled with all the music. She sees a man playing a wonderful fiddling tune, and she dances to the music with him, which makes people throw money into his (empty) hat. The next morning she brings him to the Metro, which at that point had no musicians. They are a hit and now the Metro is filled with musicians.

All three of my daughters are cat lovers, so they were bound to enjoy it. However, this is a great story about having it all, then having less, and being happy with less. Reading this around a major gift-giving holiday can be a good idea! This was a library book we renewed, as we loved it so much and wanted to keep reading it. It was enjoyable and engaging for all three girls (3, 6, 8 ) and for me as well.

Rufus at Work is a sweet little picture book by Tory and Norman Taber. Rufus is a striped cat whose little girl tells him he’s a lazy cat, so he tells us all the “work” he does (like listening for moles in the yard) and keeping the birds away from the birdbath. It is a silly, sweet, short book that is still engaging and fun. The pictures are fun and vivid, and the words are simple, but very well chosen.

We recommend both of these, and the one we had recommended earlier – either choose them from your local library or go buy them on Amazon!

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