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Fairy Tales, or Tales of Fairies

My daughters love fairies. They build houses for them, look for them on nature walks, and adore listening to stories and poems about them. Here are a few of our favorite tales of Fairies.

Cicely Mary Barker’s books are wonderful, and a fabulous peek into the world of the Flower Fairies. She has written a lot of books about fairies, so even if your library doesn’t have the ones we mention, they will likely have several others! A great book to get you jump started into the world of Flower Fairies is Cicely Mary Barker’s original book, The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies. Each page contains a picture of a Flower and its Flower Fairy, and the poem that goes with him or her. The poems are sweet and short, and teach you about the special qualities of both the plant/flower and the Fairy that lives there.

Once you read Flower Fairies Secret World, you will never look the same way at a stand of flowers or a group of sticks. Cicely Mary Barker’s book opens your eyes to all the places Flower Fairies are hiding (which gives you some great ideas on how to find them!), as well as teaching you about how the Flower Fairies live their lives in their world.

Once you have discovered the magic world of Fairies, you will no doubt be drawn into building homes for the fairies. So check out Fairy Houses … Everywhere!, and explore the photographs taken of homes made for Fairies by humans. Every creation uses natural materials, and is built into the existing landscape, in exquisite miniature. The photographs are astounding, and you truly feel as if a Fairy is just waiting for the camera to leave so he/she can move into one of these fabulous homes. Watch out where you step in your yard after reading this book, though – you may accidentally disrupt a Fairy house!

Fairies are fast – they will frequently leave their homes before your children get out of bed, and then seem to magically disappear whenever a human is nearby. Since real Fairies are not ideal playmates, the Klutz Fairies kit helps your children create Fairies to populate their homes, and brighten their days.

May the fairies come visit you and your family soon!

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