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Fun with monstrous monster books

We love fun monsters. My daughters are pretty easily scared, but we love the fuzzy monsters and the ugly ones that are still not scary. These are two funny books with monsters in them that don’t upset people at all.

We were lucky enough to be given an autographed copy of Three Nasty Gnarlies by Keith Graves. It’s a great story about three gnarlies (odd, buggy-type monsters), who are very happy. But then along comes Snooty Judy Butterfly, who tells them, “You Gnarlies are not beautiful. You exude a rank bouquet. You’re untidy, and your style is oh so tres passé!” Judy convinces them that they can use metamorphosis to change into beautiful creatures, so they try her tricks. Of course, it doesn’t work, and they are sad at first, then realize that they are happy being nasty gnarlies!

My kids love being nasty gnarlies, and I bet yours will too. :) There is a great song in the book, a cool recipe on the back cover, and the illustrations are simply fabulous. While you’re at Amazon, you may want to get some more of Keith Graves’ books, as they are all wonderful. Truly a delight for the audience and the reader. Our copies are well-loved.

Thelonius Monster’s Sky-High Fly-Pie is a fun book by Judy Sierra, with illustrations by Edward Koren. This is a story done in a repeating rhyme (like the Old Woman who swallows a fly), so the children can “help” you read the story as it continues. Thelonius Monster creates a pie that is filled with various animals, which he is going to bake for his friends and family, “Please come to my mansion this Sunday for pie. Don’t wear a tie.” However, when the monsters all arrive, we find out that Thelonius Monster had forgotten to bake the pie! The flies and the pie “whizzed out the window. It whooshed to the sky. Bye-bye fly pie!” But there is a happy ending – the flies become unstuck from the pie, and the “eleventeen monsters devoured the crust.” This has fun, black and white drawings with incredibly descriptive text. We really enjoyed several readings of this one.

We highly recommend these funny monster books!

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