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Grandfather Buffalo

Sometimes you need a book that is gentle. One that is peaceful and reassuring. One with gorgeous pictures that suck you into the sweet, simple story, and help you forget whatever worries or concerns you might have had. Sometimes kids need a story that helps calm them down after a mystery or story that is upsetting.

One of those books is Grandfather Buffalo, by Jim Arnosky. The short, reassuring story is about Grandfather Buffalo, who is old and slow, but he’s still part of the herd as long as he can see the others. He walks a bit behind the rest of the herd, but he catches up and grazes with them. One day, another buffalo is walking slowly – she is birthing a calf. Grandfather Buffalo protects her from ranchers, then nudging the calf along behind the herd, trying to keep up. In a dust storm, the calf stays close to Grandfather Buffalo, following the grunting noises through the “blinding dust”.

The book ends with the poetry of the whole herd grazing in the light of the rising moon. It’s a beautiful picture. The paintings throughout the books are amazing – you can spy little plains animals, birds, and plants throughout the story.

We highly recommend this book as a part of anyone’s collection – girls, boys, young toddlers or older elementary school. My 8 year old requested we read this again and again when she was upset after reading a mystery that left her unsettled. It engaged all three of my kids instantly – ages 3, 6, and 8, as well as engaging me as the reader.

We strongly recommend this book! Go buy Grandfather Buffalo or find it from your library!

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