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Make Your Life Fancy

We get out a lot of books from the library – our family accounts for about 1-2% of the circulation of our favorite library. I read several picture books each night, plus 1-2 chapters of our current chapter book. There are books we read once, then return. There are other books that are read a few times, then returned. And then there are the books that we read, go online to request everything else about that character, and then put the books on our wish list. Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor, illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser fits into the last category – plus it Fancified my kids for days.

Fancy Nancy is a story about a child named Nancy who prefers everything to be Fancy. She changes her bedroom from plain to Fancy. She adds ribbons, feather boas, and all kinds of Fancy things to her wardrobe to keep herself Fancy at all times. Her outfits are hysterical – beautifully illustrated, and perfectly depicting what a young child does wear to make herself Fancy (at least in this house!).

However, Nancy’s family are not Fancy. They are rather normal parents and younger sister who wear regular clothes and are happy keeping their house regular. So, Nancy holds a class to teach everyone how to be Fancy. Her whole family goes out to eat all decked out in Fancy clothes and accessories Nancy has chosen for them. They get everyone’s attention at the restaurant!

Fancy Nancy is a fun book, one that will get your girls to use their dress-up trunk a lot. It’s a great book for jump-starting some imaginative play – Fancy without being princesses is really cool. I’d just make sure you have some Fancy nail polish ready – and a few feather boas!

As a treat to yourself, check out Jane O’Connor’s mystery for adults

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