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Parts, More Parts, and Even More Parts

I was reading a website where the author happened to talk about the book More Parts by Tedd Arnold. So I ordered them from the library, and then got other books by the author at our own library.

Parts, by Tedd Arnold is a very cute book. It engages the children with brightly colored pictures with exaggerated body part sizes. Throughout the book, the main character is confused by expressions and things that happen (belly button lint = his stuffing is coming out! a loose tooth means he’s falling apart). The over-reactions are intensely comical, and the children are soothed when the parents explain the expressions, and help him understand what is happening (as a hat-tip to the parent reading the book, the parents in the book have a Parenting 101 book).

More Parts is the next book in the series by Tedd Arnold. In this book, he discusses more ways you can become confused by the expressions adults use, which often confuse kids. The child tries again to save himself (gluing on a glove so he can’t “lend a hand”), in an amusing over-reaction. If you have a child who does become confused by expressions, as they are a literal thinker, this is a fun way to explain what expressions really mean. If your child does understand expressions, it’s a silly, fun book.

Even More Parts is the final book in the series by Tedd Arnold. This book isn’t as much of a story as the others. It’s a series of expressions at the top of the page, with a funny illustration of a literal translation of the expression. At the bottom of each page are toys that were in the other two books, but they are no longer observers, in this book they also offer expressions to be misunderstood.

All three books were well loved by my girls, and they would love to own them. All three entertained across a wide age range (3, 6, 8 ), and were amusing to a few different adult readers. The third book is a little more difficult to read, as it is less of a story, but they were all fun. We all strongly recommend them!

We’ve reviewed a couple more books by Tedd Arnold in this entry. We love his work!

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