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My kids have now chosen Can You Say Peace?, by Karen Katz three times at the library. I’m thinking it deserves a place on the bookshelf.

This book has a simple idea – you travel through the world and learn the word for peace in each country. The pictures are lively and use vivid colors. The author, Karen Katz, has written many other books for young children, including a series of pop-up books. Unlike the pop-up books, this book engages all three girls (3, 6, 8 ) on different levels. One is fascinated by the colors and children, the other two are fascinated with the different languages. All three choose to look at this book quietly by themselves.

As the parent, I like that this is a quick read, but it is also a beautiful way of reminding children about the importance of peace. The countries and languages are varied – Iran, Australia, Ghana, Bolivia, China, France, etc. It also ends with a couple of pages talking about the things we all have in common. Highly recommended!

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