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Two silly, Two fun, and two suprises

We recently read two books by Tedd Arnold. The covers alone drew us in – bright and fun images, and lots of expression in the faces.

The first Tedd Arnold book we read was Hi! Fly Guy. This is a funny book that could be read by children who are a little above the beginning readers. There are many contrasts between “pets” and “pests”, and it was fun for the kids to see how close the two words are. In the story, a boy catches a fly, and decides to make it his pet after the fly says his name (”Buzz”). He names him “fly guy”, but he has many people tell him flies are pests, and cannot be pets. The Fly Guy proves them all wrong, of course. It’s a silly, but fun and heartwarming book, and there are several things that happen which you aren’t quite expecting. We’re looking forward to reading more of the Fly Guy books when we can get them from the library!

The second book is called No Jumping on the Bed! I had gotten it from the library because I liked the cover, and had recently heard wonderful things about Tedd Arnold’s books. I also chose it hoping it would have a nice moral about not jumping on the bed, as that’s an ongoing argument here.

Well, it’s a great book, and lives up to the cute picture of the boy jumping on the bed. It’s a cumulative story, which is always fun to read. First Walter jumps on his bed and falls through the floor, then he lands on Miss Hattie’s dinner. Next Walter and Miss Hattie and her spaghetti fall through the floor into Mr. Matty’s TV room. And on it goes. In some ways this book reminds me of another wonderful cumulative story called The Napping House, by Don & Audrey Wood. However, this book is much sillier, and has a lot more rhymes (Miss Hattie, Mr. Matty, Aunt Batty, etc). No Jumping on the Bed seems like it is ending with a nice moral, “No more jumping on the bed for me” mumbled Walter, but the last page surprises you with a different ending.

Both books completely entertained all three girls (3, 6, 8 ), but they didn’t really settle them down for bed! The best sign I had that the books were good is that the girls took them out of the library bag so we would keep them for another week. We’ve read other books by Tedd Arnold, and definitely suggest his books as an enhancement to your library! Check out our review of three of his other books

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