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I'm a divorced mom of 3 gluten-free daughters, devoted to finding time to read.

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Bentos for A Gaggle of Girls
I'm a Mormon.
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Book Notes – Updates for Two Reviews

• I recently finished reading The Ruby Kingdom – Passage to Mythrin to my daughters. Here is an update to that review:

Addendum: When we finished the series, the girls thought that Book 2 becoming available in May for BG’s birthday was perfect. They also said that it was the best book I had read to them – even better than Harry Potter! They now want to become shape-shifters when they grow up…

• I worked in conjunction with Felicia Sullivan of Writers Revealed to interview Carol Muske-Dukes. Carol is the author of Channeling Mark Twain: A Novel, which I reviewed here. My interview, conducted via email, is now available.

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