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Super Confused about Super Tuesday?

Harper Collins has made the timely book The Undecided Voter’s Guide to the Next President: Who the Candidates Are, Where They Come from, and How You Can Choose by Mark Halperin available online for free. It’s only available from February 1 through February 11, 2008, though. After that, you’d need to buy it. One might argue that at that point it’s down to only 2 people rather than the 7 in the book. (admittedly, though, a few of the 7 have withdrawn from the race)

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I’ve been leafing through it, and it seems to be pretty thorough and unbiased. Halperin has been a political analyst for Time and ABC, and has worked in the field for years.

Halperin has divided the book into 4 main sections – Top Republicans, Other Republicans, Top Democrats, Other Democrats. Each candidate has a brief resumé, notes on where they stand on some top issues (Iraq, abortion, gay marriage, taxes, etc), and then a more in-depth look. The “Other”s don’t get as in-depth, and while one of the current top candidates (Mike Huckabee) is in the “Other Republicans” section, there weren’t many analysts who were expecting that.

If you are still undecided about your vote, seeing the candidates stats lined up neatly might help you make your decision. Plus, it’s free to read online until 2/11/08. If you’re undecided and don’t like reading online, it might be worth picking up a copy of The Undecided Voter’s Guide to the Next President anyhow.

I’m not going to tell you for whom I’m planning to vote, but I will be voting, as should you. Bring a book to read as you wait in line, though!

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