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The Duck Who Played the Kazoo

The Duck Who Played the Kazoo is the newest children’s picture book by Amy E. Sklansky, illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke. Amy’s catchy poetry combined with the beautiful watercolors by Tiphanie make a book that is appealing to children and also fun for the designated reader. It isn’t always easy to find picture books that enchant children which adults will enjoy as well, but Amy and Tiphanie have created such a book in The Duck Who Played the Kazoo.

The poetry in The Duck Who Played the Kazoo has a meter and rhyme that is fun to read; the poems also include zu zu, words that manage to evoke the sound of a kazoo! When we first meet Duck, he is alone in a quiet lake:

There once was a duck
who loved the kazoo
He played:

La ditty, da ditty
zu zu.

While the white duck loves his peaceful lake, he becomes lonely, and packs up to find some other ducks. He lands near a river, and watches a group of brown ducks play in the water. My daughters (9, 7, 4) thought that it would be difficult for Duck to find new friends at the river, but after he plays his kazoo, they are quick to welcome him:

“Hooray!” they all shouted
when his tune was through
“Would you like to swim
with our fine feathered crew?”
“You bet,
Let’s get wet!”
Zu zu.

The pages become brighter and more colorful as The Duck Who Played the Kazoo enjoys being with his friends. The repeating zu zu in the poetry is both reassuring and fun, a sign that the duck is content and the story is continuing.

The evocative words and the gorgeous watercolors bring Duck’s story to life. My daughters all gave the story a thumbs up, and we needed to read it several times. Unlike many rhyming books for children, The Duck Who Played the Kazoo continued to be enchanting even after the 5th reading in two days! We highly recommend The Duck Who Played the Kazoo; it’s a great mix of language play, accessible poetry, and a fun storyline for kids and adults. My only complaint was listening to the effusive kazoo playing by my daughters in the days after we read the book!

Once you’ve had a taste of the poetry in The Duck Who Played the Kazoo, you’ll want to check out Amy’s other books, and more books with Tiphanie Beek’s illustrations.

This book was received from the publisher for review

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