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Can there be too much pink?

I have three young daughters, all of whom have strong opinions on favorite colors, clothing choices, and book choices as well. I started my parenting journey thinking that we wouldn’t have any pink in the house. I quickly gave up that battle as soon as my daughter was old enough to make her opinions known! Two books, Priscilla and the Pink Planet and Purplicious ask if there can be too much pink, and come up with some interesting ideas.

Priscilla and the Pink Planet is the first book in the Priscilla series by siblings Nathaniel and Jocelyn Hobbie. Priscilla lives on a planet that is completely pink – from the sky to the grass. While she likes pink, she gets fed up with the lack of other colors, so she goes in search of any other color. After much exploring she finds a beautiful multi-colored butterfly, and follows it. As Priscilla watches, the butterfly is caught by the Queen, who keeps all the animals who aren’t pink underground. Priscilla needs to find a creative way to convince the Queen to allow other colors above ground.

The rhyming text written by Nathaniel Hobbie in Priscilla and the Pink Planet is fun and light, but uses a wide range of words, not talking down to the audience. Priscilla comes across as a brave and creative character, and you definitely want to read the rest of the Priscilla series! Jocelyn Hobbie’s illustrations show an incredible range of shades within the color pink – each part of the planet is different. The illustrations remind me a bit of Dr. Seuss, but with a unique touch. Priscilla and the Pink Planet is a great read for anyone who likes pink, or just likes a good story about an adventurous girl!

Purplicious is a story by sisters Victoria Kahn and Elizabeth Kahn that is actually more about the color pink than purple. Pinkalicious is a girl who loves the color pink. However, the other girls in her school have decided that “pink is passé”, and that “All the girls like black now”. At first, Pinkalicious is self-confident, but as the week goes on and none of her friends will play with her because of her favorite color, she becomes very sad, and starts to question herself. Over the weekend, her mother suggests that there might be other girls who like the color pink, but that’s not enough to get Pinkalicious out of her blues. When she returns to school on Monday, she discovers that pink has power.

Sisters Victoria and Elizabeth Kahn have written a wonderful story in Purplicious that really touches on how girls can behave in the 6-9 age range. Pinkalicious even writes in her journal about “mean girls”, and the teasing in the schoolyard rings true. The conversations between the characters feels real, though sad at times. The illustrations by Victoria Kahn show wonderful variations of the color pink, and the the emotions really pop out at you through the images. Purplicious is a great story for lovers of pink and for kids who have been dealing with teasing.

Our family (with a few devotees of the color pink) really enjoyed both Purplicious and Priscilla and the Pink Planet – enough that the girls had them on their wish list after checking them out from the library several times.  We also liked the independent nature of both Priscilla and Pinkalicious – a wonderful trait.  They were thrilled to get them as presents recently, and we’ve been reading them a lot!