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My main blog is having a Health Week this week, and today’s entry about Celiac Disease.

EnjoLife Foods sent us a great box of their new products to try. Yum! Our Spotlight Reviews has a review of their trail mix, called Not Nuts. It’s a great trail mix for anyone, but especially anyone going to a no-nuts camp, daycare, school, or activity!

Last week I was lucky enough to participate in a conference call hosted by Revolution Health with a half-dozen bloggers and a few experts about Celiac Disease to raise awareness about the disease and about The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. You can hear our discussion right here. Excuse me as I squirm thinking of people hearing me talk!

Don’t forget to check out the Revolution Health Online Health Fair, and their Celiac Page, which has the video from The View on Celiac disease, plus a Celiac PSA from CNN anchor Heidi Collins.

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