Welcome the world of Our Gaggle of Girls!

Our Gaggle of Girls is website for a family of four humans and a cat living in a coastal town north of Boston.

Our Gaggle of Girls includes 2 popular blogs:

Rachel’s Recipe Box: The Gluten-Free Family. Celiac, gluten-free, dairy-free, gfcf, allergy-safe recipes the whole family will enjoy – great food even for folks without food allergies! We only post recipes that were enjoyed by everyone at our table.



Bentos for A Gaggle of Girls: Bento lunches for tweens and teens is our new blog that shows fun lunches Rachel has made for the girls.

We also have two archived blogs:

A Gaggle of Girls, is currently archival, and chronicals our past lives.

A Gaggle of Book Reviews. We wrote Book Reviews of a wide variety of books: picture books, read-aloud chapter books, tween, young adult, and fiction & non-fiction for adults. These were great, detailed reviews so you know if a book is for you!

Our family consists of mom Rachel, daughters Mackenzie (15), Isabel (13), and Amelia, (10). Rachel is the web designer, blogger, and writer in the family. Rachel spent years homeschooling the girls, and is now a paralegal. The girls keep busy with friends, school, swimming, and a myriad of other activities.

We love our animals, and the girls would be adding an animal a day if they could! Our cat is Yuki, a beautiful calico. View our pets page for more about the animals past and present.