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Names My Sisters Call Me

Megan Crane‘s Names My Sisters Call Me is her newest chick lit novel. If for some reason you haven’t read Megan Crane’s novels, go do so, as she has written some fabulous novels you shouldn’t miss; they are engrossing and entertaining. With her most recent novel she revisits the theme of family dysfunction, but in Names My Sisters Call Me she focuses on the relationship between three sisters.

Courtney is our narrator and the youngest, newly engaged to Lucas, her boyfriend of three years, and at 28 still finding her own footing. Norah is 8 years older than Courtney, and embodies all the oldest child tendencies: bossy, controlling, goal-oriented, etc. Raine is the middle child, 6 years older than Courtney and 2 years younger than Norah. Courtney describes her as being the opposite of Norah, a free-spirited artistic soul, but one who “ruined” Norah’s wedding and drove off to California six years before our story begins. As an added bonus, Courtney’s first love, Matt, was also Raine’s best friend, and he drove out of her life with her sister. It’s no wonder that it’s taken years for everyone to recover. In a family where the father died decades previously, Norah has taken on a parental role, expressing her opinion on all of Courtney’s life choices.

When Courtney and Lucas become engaged, Courtney wants to have her middle sister at the wedding. After speaking with Raine, she speaks with Norah,

And when I hung up a moment later, awash in guilt and formless anger, i realized that I was destined to feel about thirteen years old no matter which side of the country I was on.
Apparently all it required was a conversation with one of my sisters

While I don’t have sisters, I can relate to the idea of feeling thirteen whenever you’re with family! Each of the characters goes beyond the sterotype, Norah is much more than the oldest, Raine is much more than the estranged wild child, and Courtney is much more than the youngest. The insecurities, the love, the guilt, and their spirits are all so unique, and create vivid characters with whom I felt an instant connection. Megan Crane has fabulous character development skills, which she utilizes to create characters real enough that you feel like you are joining them for their weekly Family Dinner.

I was interested in reading another one of Megan Crane’s novels, yet I was also drawn to Names My Sisters Call Me because I have three daughters. I grew up with brothers and boys, and wasn’t really prepared for the sisterly love/dislike relationship that waxes and wanes each day. I am hoping that our family is less dysfunctional than the Cassel family in Names My Sisters Call Me, and I also hope that I can show each of my daughters that I love each one individually, as Courtney’s mom has done. As much as there is a lot of sisterly rivalry, there’s also a lot of sisterly love and motherly love in Names My Sisters Call Me. One thing the mom did to show how much she understood each daughter is that when there was a celebration, she made 3 cakes, as each daughter had very different tastes! Now that’s a show of love!

As much as Names My Sisters Call Me is a chick lit novel about a woman, her fiancé, and her ex-boyfriend, it is also a beautiful novel about the many different faces and types of love. We see sisterly love, romantic love, parental love, and crushes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Names My Sisters Call Me is a book you won’t quickly forget, and one you will want to share with your sisters and sisterly friends, though you’ll want to make sure you get it back! I loved this book by Megan Crane, it was the best book in the Chick Lit genre I’ve read in quite a while. Names My Sisters Call Me is definitely one book you should go pick up!

This book was received from the publisher for review

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