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Playing With Fire will enthrall you

I’ve written several times about the fabulous books by Katie MacAlister. If you’ve been waiting for something great to read, don’t wait any longer – Katie has a started a new series! If you liked the Aisling Grey Guardian Series, starting with You Slay Me, the Silver Dragon series will pull you in quickly, as it is a spin-off of that. We’ve seen Gabriel, the leader (wyvern) Silver Dragons before, and we see him in new lights and shadows in Playing with Fire (Silver Dragons, Book 1).

Playing with Fire continues the story lines begun in the Aisling Grey Guardian Series, but uses a new couple to carry plot, though the earlier characters pop up frequently. If you haven’t read the Aisling Grey Guardian Series, you’ll have a bit of catching up to do and learning by context, but the storyline is strong enough to carry along new readers as Katie sprinkles the book with background information, expertly walking the fine line between giving new readers information and over-explaining to long-time readers.

Our protagonist, May, is a doppelganger – a twin created from a naiad (Cyrene), by way of a demon lord. The doppelganger is bound to the demon lord, but is also part of the shadows, and can disappear into any shadows. Mayling (Cyrene’s pet name for her) is used by the demon lord as a thief, and she meets Gabriel when she tries to return an item she accidentally stole while on another job. After meeting Gabriel, May is pulled into the world of the dragons – a world of fire, intrigue, mates, immortality, and uneasy alliances.

Playing with Fire‘s story of May and Gabriel is unlike most of the relationships in Katie MacAlister’s novels. Our hero and heroine accept their attraction for each other, and enjoy every moment they have together. While I love all of the couples in Katie’s books, finding a couple that doesn’t fight their attraction for each other is a welcome change. Oter aspects of the book are in line with Katie’s other books, and readers will feel comfortable with the Otherworld that has been the backdrop for all of her novels.

I realy enjoyed Playing with Fire, and found it impossible to put down, kicking myself repeatedly for not having picked it up earlier. If you are one of Katie’s fans, you won’t be disappointed. If you’ve been looking for a new paranormal author, look no further – Katie MacAlister and Playing with Fire will keep you in their grasp until the last page. My only complaint is that I’ll need to wait a while before the second novel in the Silver Dragons series!

This book was received without cost for review purposes

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