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A series of superior sensual stories

Lynsay Sands is a vampire novel/paranormal romance staple. If you haven’t already read about the Argeneau family in her first six novels, you should go do so now. Each of Lynsay Sands’ novels centers around a member of the Argeneau family, and the romance and romantic problems between the Argeneau family member and his or her “lifemate”, the one person in the world who they have been fated to meet; the one person who they cannot “read”, or mentally control.

I’ve found that reading the novels in chronological order rather than published order works well – A Quick Bite first, Love Bites second, Single White Vampire third, Tall, Dark & Hungry fourth, A Bite to Remember fifth, and then Bite Me If You Can sixth.

While all of the Argeneau books are romances, each of Lynsay Sands’ novels takes the characters on a different path from the others. Yes, the couples meet at the beginning and are together at the end, but it’s what happens along the way that makes these books stand out. Sands has a flair for characters and a wonderful ability to keep a plot alive through several books. There are hints in earlier novels about romances or issues in later books, a skill that isn’t frequently used in this genre.

Her first 6 novels had some connections (you saw the family evolve as they each found their lifemate), the newest three books have a tight connection. Marguerite, the matriarch, has decided to be a PI, and goes off to Europe with a real PI to help an immortal find out the identity of his mother.

In The Accidental Vampire, there was an ad posted for a vampire in a Toronto paper, so Victor (one of the “enforcers” from the Council who makes sure immortals follow the rules) arrives in a small town to learn more about the situation. Elvi doesn’t know how she became a vampire, and lives according to the rules of Dracula, not knowing there are others out there. Victor has been strict and rigid about rules for eons, but meeting a woman he can’t read starts to change and soften him. Elvi’s impulsive nature combined with Victor’s rule-following makes for some fun along the way! Victor is worried how Lucian, the Council’s leader, will react to his rule-bending after discovering his lifemate, but thankfully when they meet Lucian he has softened too after finding Leigh in Bite Me If You Can. He and the others in the Argeneau clan are more worried about finding Marguerite in Europe than the idea that a small town knows all about vampires.

The Argeneau clan has become more worried about Marguerite, so they send cousin Thomas to England to start searching for her in Vampires Are Forever. Thomas’s cousin Bastien has paired him up with a top vice-president, Inez, so that he will have an easier time navigating London and the rest of the UK. What Bastien doesn’t mention is that Inez knows nothing about the fact that she is working for immortals (aka vampires). As the story develops, she becomes frightened, but once she learns that they are vampires due to nano technology rather than the walking dead, she calms down. :) As with the other women in the Argeneau series, Inez doesn’t follow Thomas’s lead, she works in tandem with him, blending their skills. We also learn more about Thomas, who has been seen as something of a slacker in earlier books. Discovering his hidden talents is part of the fun of Vampires Are Forever!

Matriarch of the Argeneau clan, Marguerite has worked to find lifemates for her family, and at least 8 couples are together thanks to her. In Vampire, Interrupted, it’s Marguerite’s turn. Marguerite and her colleague Tiny are helping the 500 year old Christian find his mother. His father, Julius, is accompanying him, and will only say that there were threats from his mother’s family. As Marguerite tries to follow leads, there are unexpected curve-balls everywhere. What secrets have been hidden for 500 years? After a horrible marriage that lasted 700 years, will Marguerite take the risk of loving Julius, a man who appears to be her lifemate?

If you love paranormals or love romances, or both, it’s in your best interests to read Lynsay Sands’ novels, and be sure to check out the 3 newest books! I just re-read all nine, and I continue to love Lynsay’s way with words.