Stuck inside in the snow? I’ve got a great young adult/tween/read-aloud book for you! Check out my review of The Ruby Kingdom, the first book in a new series by Patricia Bow. It’s a story set between Christmas and New Years in a small town in Ontario. 3 kids go exploring and find a flash of blue light, a ruby ring, and passage to another world. The Ruby Kingdom is a great book for kids (er, and adults) who finished Harry Potter and want another fun fantasy.

Meanwhile, we can’t see the road here. It took B 1 1/2 hours to drive home – it usually takes him 30 minutes if he hits every light. As an added bonus, he said that while he was on the “main” road, you were just following the path of the car in front of you. Once he turned off the “main” road into town, and onto the road that leads out to the peninsula, you couldn’t see the road, he just drove on the expanse of white that wasn’t a salt marsh, beach, or someone’s lawn. The snow was is coming down hard – our neighbors had driven home about 20 minutes before, and their tracks were obliterated. I am eternally grateful that I was too chicken to take the car today!

Snowstorm girls and Jack

As you can see in the mosaic on the right, the snow is heavy enough that the camera is focusing on the snow, not the kids or dog! They had a fun time for a while, but it’s darn chilly, and none of them wanted to stay out for very long. It’s supposed to warm up tomorrow, though, so they’ll have some good play time then. It was so nice to only have to get one kid into snow gear! That’s one of the growing up milestones you don’t hear about – when a kid can get themselves into and out of all their snow stuff.

Meanwhile, I think we’ll play some games, read books, let the kids play some computer games and do a puzzle!


sherry on 13 December, 2007 at 9:00 pm #

I hear you on the snow suit thing. I’m so glad that Hayley is able to dress herself in it. I sometimes help her when we’re really in a hurry but I know at school they’re expected to do it themselves (they’ve occasionally sent home notes asking parents to please only purchase clothes the kids can do themselves because one teacher tying shoes or zipping snowsuits for 20 kids is crazy) so I usually get her to keep up the practice.

Chele on 14 December, 2007 at 12:15 am #

You were much braver than us– we stayed in and stayed warm. Although I will admit to briefly sneaking out in crocs sans socks to take some snow photos… Guess I should be figuring out what I did with Mikro’s snowsuit at the end of last winter… Something tells me he won’t be content to stay in tomorrow.

anna v on 16 December, 2007 at 3:37 am #

Maude that looks *so* cold.

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