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Different floor feet

The hole is all better! If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, check out the post where I fell through the floor and this post about the first repair snafu. I love it when things are actually fixed!

There is much rejoicing! The carpenter came today and worked from a little after 9am to early afternoon. He was friendly when BG asked questions, and was willing to let her sit (quietly for her) and watch as he put together the new flooring. BG loves any project that involves tools, and always has. MG loved taking pictures of the new floor and her toeses! No splinters!

This patch is extremely well done, so there shouldn’t be any more problems with falling through the floor. Thank goodness! (there are a few more pics of the floor and LG’s feet as well here)

Ceiling patch

However, (isn’t there always a “however”?), while the ceiling has been patched, it isn’t quite finished. They need to paint the whole ceiling so it won’t look patched.

Me? I’m OK with it looking patched until we move. Landlord’s brother, however, thinks that we need to stucco the whole ceiling. Which would require us to move everything out of the downstairs living room.

My answer is that if they want to do that, since it was not my fault that the ceiling was broken, they need to move the furniture and then store it until it’s done. Plus clean it up afterwards. (carpenter did a great job cleaning up upstairs today, but not so much the downstairs, gah).

Now to stand up to people for real, not just in my blog…


yur mum on 12 March, 2008 at 10:46 pm #

What a relief! Amazing, a guy who shows up early, is nice, stays until the job is done and cleans up — well, cleans up some. What pretty wood! What pretty toes!

[...] continues to have a fascination with tools (she was in second heaven yesterday when the carpenter was working on our floor!), but at 9 1/2 she has outgrown Bob & Wendy. Er, mostly. We have watched the DVD a few [...]

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