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When I think of myself, I picture myself when I was about 21-22. When I look at my pictures from college (and some from high school), I don’t think I look very different now. When I see people I knew back then, though, sometimes the changes are startling.

If you were my friend in high school, and now you’re almost bald, it makes me feel old!

Today I don’t feel old, I feel happy. I ran into a friend from my high school days, but not from high school, and she looked exactly like she did back then! I was in Ala-teen as a teenager, and had some wonderful, special, incredible friends that were spread out along the North Shore in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, due to the anonymity piece of Ala-teen, I rarely knew people’s last names. Which makes it hard to find them again if you move back to the area!

I don’t remember the last time I left the grocery store so happy! I was so excited to have seen my old friend, met her two adorable little boys, BG had helped me shop, and then as a bonus my friend is in touch with several of our other friends from that time. It really feels like it was only yesterday even if it was 20 years ago, and it’s so nice to be around someone who knew me pre-kids!

This is one time warp that’s a good thing. It’s great that BG & MG made a new friend this week, and then I found an old friend this week. I’m crossing my fingers that the good luck trend continues for next week!


[...] shirt.woot t-shirt design with BG and MG today, and playing around always makes me feel young. Earlier this week I wrote about feeling young, and that feeling set the tone for the week. Park days, puppies, and spring temps helped [...]

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