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I’m so sorry dear blog readers, I never intended to have so long between posts. Time really flies sometimes!

time for a tiger lily close up

For part of the time I was gone I went to Connecticut and helped my Nana and Grandpa Bob.  I helped with food, some cleaning, and general moral support.  I was also at my other Nana’s house, choosing what I wanted to keep for momentos, and helping my Aunt and cousin get everything organized for a tag sale.  The tag sale’s first day should be finishing now, I’ll need to call them soon to find out how it went.

The picture at the right is of a Tiger Lilly (right?) from my Nana’s garden. It got really overgrown in the past few years, but there are some great pics starting here. I have so many memories tied to that house, it will be very hard when it is gone.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster, because just as this stuff was going on, I had a conference call with the doctor involved in my book deal, and everything is finalized!!! We need to sign the agency agreement and the contract, and then we are good to go. Wow. This is really going to happen! :)

The two older girls spent last week with my mom & step-dad going to camp on an island, and they are returning for another week Sunday. LG and I will amuse ourselves, and I will try to write a lot.

Life is feeling very crazy here, and I am swamped. I need to breathe. But now I can check off “update blog”. ;) There are plenty of other checkoffs that need to happen though, so keep an eye out for further updates as events warrant.

Oh – if you are actually reading this on Saturday July 26, there’s an awesome shirt my friend Zenne did over at tee fury. She drew a pic of BG earlier this year, and is a fantastic artist. This shirt is only available for 24 hours (so until midnight edt tonight), and then she will see if she can get it printed elsewhere. We love Thor in this house, so it’s special to us

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