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We were lucky enough to receive a wonderful hand me downs yesterday, and each girl got some things she loved from some friends we’ve known since before M was born – she is 2 days older than her friend.  :)

As we do some home reorganization, we needed to winnow down the numbers – you don’t need 14 long sleeve dresses.  And most people don’t need more than 2 weeks of tshirts, either.  Unless they are special.  :)   So we put together at least one bag for donating, and that feels good.

We’ve packed up some outgrown clothes & boots for a little girl we know, and it feels so good to be giving things we loved to someone who will appreciate it!  Some of the girls’ clothes are just lovely, and I feel better giving the really nice clothes to someone we know.  We also started winnowing down some of our books, so we have a nice bag of paperbacks to donate, too.

When we are receiving gifts, it is such a blessing to have something we can give.  We have also made cakes or muffins for friends, and that helps me feel like I can give back something to the people who have helped us so much.

Our family is still living with struggles right now – emotional, financial, logistical, etc.  Our lives feel unsettled – we don’t know when help will arrive, so we live a bit on edge, not knowing what will come around the corner.  But when we give to others, we feel more secure, trusting that if we give, we will receive what we need.  Not necessarily what we want, but what we need.

Our faith is growing stronger each day, and that is not a struggle.  That is a path that looks like it has been lit from above. It is wonderful to have faith, knowing that we have help during our trials and tribulaltions.  We feel His love in our hearts, and know that we are on the right path through the darkness.

I’d still like to have a map so I can see what troubles will lie ahead, and when the current struggles will end!


tournesol on 19 November, 2008 at 1:56 pm #

I remember when my two boys were little, a friend of a friend always gave us a big bag of clothes every season. We appreciated it so much, it really helped out. Im sure your friend does too. I also try to to the same now, we save things for a particular little boy, it makes giving some of the outfits a really love away easier to think of him wearing and enjoying them. I have followed your blog for a year at least, don’t comment much. I hope things get better and better for you and your girls. Sounds like you will be fine, faith is a wonderful thing.

Tiffany on 22 November, 2008 at 7:01 pm #

Several years ago now, my husband lost his job–AGAIN. I remember saying that if I just knew how long it would be before he got another job, then I could handle it so much better and efficiently. Boy am I glad I didn’t know what lay in store for me! I would have given up right then. Sometimes not knowing how it will go actually makes it easier–unfortunately.

I don’t know what you are going through, but I hope that it is short lived and that you are a stronger person on the other side.

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