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There are a zillion blog entries out there discussing the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Obama. This is just one short one, one little link to Obama. I may also be one of the few liberal Mormons you’ll meet, but I do exist, and I’m sure others do too. The Church will actually have representatives a the Inauguration, and I really like what President Monson said: “We send our best wishes to President-elect Obama and pray for the blessings of a loving Father in Heaven to be upon him and his administration.”

I am one person, mom, attachment-parenting person, writer, blogger, friend, church-goer, dog-owner, sister, aunt, cat-lady, homeschooler, daughter, grand-daughter, geek, person with chronic illnesses who voted for Obama and is thrilled for his inauguration! Watching his speech Sunday warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes. All of his speeches seem to have that effect on me, and that’s part of why I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s festivities. I am also looking forward to reading Dreams from My Father when I’m staying at my mother’s house (my step-dad has a copy).

I was also excited to find out that I have a link to President-elect Obama! My step-father started a folk music coffee house the year before I was born. One of the people who came to perform there was Pete Seeger, and we ended up having dinner with him before the concert. So about 20 years ago Pete Seeger had dinner with me, and now he’s performing with Bruce Springsteen in a concert for President-elect Barack Obama!

I remember playing debate bingo when we were watching Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden in the VP debate, and it was far too much fun. If you are thinking of a bingo or drinking game for tomorrow, check out this bingo/drinking game for the Inauguration.

On a more serious note, one of my dearest friends from Austin has written a great post about President-elect Obama’s Inauguration and the comments she has heard from conservatives. Is it OK to show how happy we are? Or do we need to be sensitive to those whose candidate didn’t win? Well, I’m quite happy, and not afraid to say it. I highly recommend reading and pondering Suna’s wonderful entry.

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