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On a perch

The weather in New England has not been particularly summer-like. So, any day that it isn’t raining should be celebrated! On Friday morning, we took a walk through the local conservation land, and around a pond, and then had lunch at home while it rained for a little bit.

However, the rain stopped again after lunch, and it continued to be warmer than it had been for ages, so we packed up our swim bag, put on our swim suits, packed up some shovels and buckets, put everything into a wagon, and walked off to a new-to-us nearby beach. I couldn’t believe that there was a beach just a few blocks from where we live that we had never explored! It’s a lovely, quiet, and protected beach, too – just right for taking a few kids and a picnic.

Walking to the beach

We had some trouble at first pulling the wagon, as the only one who was the right size to pull it was LG, and it was a bit heavy for LG to pull. So, the girls worked out the best way to pull the wagon. This turned into a roller-coaster style ride for MG as she sat on the wagon and was pulled by a sister on either side.

Sandy smile

Once we got to the beach, everything was dropped on the sand, and the girls hurtled themselves into the water. It was surprisingly cold, but BG and MG quickly ducked under and started swimming. After realizing the intense cold of the water, LG didn’t get more than her feet wet, and worked on making sandcastles rather than swimming.

The seal-children

It was fun watching the older girls swim and play in the water, they looked like seals when their heads popped up out of the water, bobbing as they swam around. I don’t know how they can stand the cold, they definitely don’t have a layer of blubber to keep them warm, like seals do!

The view from a rock

After swimming and digging, the girls climbed the rocks on the side of the beach, a trick they seem to do at every beach – who knows what they would do if they were at a beach without rocks! This habit proves that climbing the rock wall at the YMCA like little monkeys can come in handy at other times, too. I’m always amazed that they have the energy and coordination to climb rocks after swimming in that cold water for so long! While LG can’t climb quite as high as her sisters can, she still has pretty impressive rock climbing skills, and she’s so proud of what she can do!

Blossoming girl

At the end of our time at the beach, the girls picked some wildflowers to bring home, and of course MG had to put a couple flowers in her braids. They looked so cute, and I remember doing things like that when I was little – I’m sure I looked a lot like her, too!

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