Long-time readers of my blog know that I’ve been battling the effects of Lyme Disease for 3 1/2 years. For a long time I was practically bed-ridden. Thankfully, that isn’t the case any more. My doctors have worked with me over the years to get my pain and symptoms well managed, and with the right supports in place, I’m more active.

Hand in Hand

This has meant that the girls and I are going on more walks together. It doesn’t hurt that there are actually places to go here, as opposed to where we lived before! I was very grateful to have had a whole weekend’s worth of walks. We actually started our walking weekend on Thursday, but I didn’t bring my camera on that hike. You can just imagine 6 kids walking for 2 hours in the woods. It was a green and muddy walk near a pond and a swamp.

Running up to the rock

Friday we took a walk with some friends to a local park. The girls’ Vóvó (grandfather in Portuguese) had told them that one rock was very popular for sliding. So they grabbed some cardboard boxes, and walked/ran to the rock. Once we got there, though, the kids decided that the sliding rock was steeper than they were expecting. Only one kiddo tried it, and it wasn’t a big success. However, we still enjoyed the park and the great views of the harbor. Certain children enjoyed hanging out by the railing and freaking out the moms until we looked beyond the railing and saw that they weren’t just hanging over a cliff. Phew! It was a great walk and a fun time – these 5 kids really enjoyed the rocks and water! :)

A Gaggle of ... Geese?

On Saturday the girls were with their dad, and I was in Boston. I ended up going for a lovely walk around the Chestnut Hill reservoir. It’s a beautiful area, and it has walking/jogging paths. It’s sunny, but it has some nice benches in the shade, too. A lovely walk, and a great idea for a warm sunny day in the Boston area! Being an over-prepared mom-type-person, I had water, snacks, camera, and phone. I highly recommend bringing water and the camera, as the reservoir has some gorgeous views. I’m glad I saw this huge gaggle of fearless geese, it was a great reminder of the girls! The geese were quieter than the girls usually are, though.

Tents in a row

On Sunday LG and I took a walk to a nearby fort. A group of revolutionary war re-enactors had an encampment there for the weekend, and we got there just as they were starting to pack up. It was still really cool to see the tents and everyone in period costume, including the kids whose parents are part of the regiment. As a bonus, LG got to be put behind bars, one of her favorite things about the walk! We also got some wonderful pictures of the harbor and the island where BG and MG will go to camp.

All in all, we’ve been having a wonderful walk each day. Today’s was just to the store to get MG more tofu pups, but we still enjoyed it.


Annalise on 15 July, 2009 at 3:40 pm #

It’s wonderful that you’re well enough to go for walks again! v. cool that the girls get to camp on an island – have they read Swallows and Amazons?

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