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Becoming Fearless

I received On Becoming Fearless: …in Love, Work, and Life, by Ariana Huffington from her publishing company.. I really enjoyed reading it in short bursts – I kept it in my car to read while waiting for appointments, activities, etc. It’s a great read for right before you need to stick up for yourself (like at the dr’s office!). While it is inspiring, and an interesting read, I don’t think I’m quite the right audience – I already felt comfortable with the lessons she was trying to teach – I think I had OK parents and friends! :)

If you are currently in a situation that is uncomfortable, I do recommend On Becoming Fearless to help you feel fearless and comfortable in your own skin, and ready to stick up for yourself. All of the stories are inspiring, and each story resonated with me on some level. It is definitely worth reading – and Ariana is truly inspiring.

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