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Bedtime books, from the grown-up perspective

I have my first post on Reading Moms about the difference between reading bedtime books as an adult, and when I was the listening child. Here’s an excerpt:

The chapter book we finished most recently was Matilda, by Roald Dahl. I loved this book as a child, and we read my childhood copy of the book – complete with cover that has been taped on a few times! The sweet, quirky illustrations are the same, and the story is still wonderful.

However, reading Matilda as an adult was different – I was horrified by the way her parents treated her, and the school she attended was worse than a nightmare. As a child, I had been thrilled with the idea of being left alone every day by my parents to read and go to the library! In today’s world, though, even my kids found the idea rather frightening. The stories of the Headmaster harming children were horrifying to all of us – so far beyond our frame of reference. Even my homeschooled kids wished they could have a sweet teacher like Miss Honey, though! We were joined in our love of Matilda and our astonishment and excitement at her precocious reading and other skills, and then later her ability to move things with her eyes.

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